Mission & Vision

The Mission of The Borneo Expedition is:-

  • To promote the island of Borneo as an exotic 4WD touring and overland destination
  • To design, develop and document sustainable overland expedition routes for the island of Borneo
  • To promote sustainable tourism and green lane practices for preservation of the environment
  • To implement an easily understood and consistent standard  classification system to indicate the degree of difficulty of 4WD tracks
  • To propose and develop a framework to develop & promote key 4WD touring routes & tracks in the island of Borneo
  • To document 4WD expeditions through photographs, video footages, video documentaries, coffee table books and promotional tools
  • To work with international brand names, government agencies and NGOs for the join promotion
  • To promote collaboration between Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines (BIMP-EAGA) to promote overland tourism in the island of Borneo
  • To assist and documents the challenges of cross-border vehicles and transportation logistics, permits and license and eventually to become the centre of information for cross border or overland tourism in the BIMP EAGA region

The Vision of The Borneo Expedition is:-

  • To make the island of Borneo as an exotic overland and tourism destination in the global within 10 years
  • To make cross-border crossings, arrivals and departures for international overland holiday makers an easy experience
  • To develop ready information hub for international overland holiday
  • To generate private sector spin-offs in the overland tourism market where more stakeholders will invest in package tours and support services