As much as we would like to achieve our event goals, corporate sponsorship are highly needed for the success this event as we have tailored it to maximize your corporate branding presence. Corporate companies, government agencies and NGOs partners who wished to join us on this promotional campaign are most welcomed!  To achieve our goals, your organisation’s support & sponsorship are highly needed for the success of our event. As always, we are very excited to work with your organisation for branding partnerships and with our experience, you can be rest assured that your brand values will be well elevated.

Our Core Values

The core value of The Borneo Expedition is to develop, document and promote sustainable overland routes in the Borneo Island. Each expedition comprises of an exhilarating experience designed to promote key destinations of significant geological, ecological, cultural and historical importance.

Our mantra, “Experience Borneo Like Never Before” reinforces the spirit of expedition and adventure around the exotic island of Borneo, home of the world famous Orangutan and million year old tropical rainforest, rich in biodiversity, both in terms of flora and fauna. One acre of Borneo’s lowland rainforest may include 300 tree species and the Dipterocarp trees of Borneo are the biggest trees in the world and can grow up to a hundred yards.

Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism through responsible green lane practices, charity work and love our forest campaign through tree planting and community projects.

Creating a Difference and adding Brand Value
Partnering with us is a way of clearly highlighting what makes your company and products or services different to your competitors. Effective branding elevates a product or organisation from being just one commodity among many identical commodities, to become something with a unique character and promise. We believe our brand values can create an emotional resonance in the minds of consumers who choose products and services using both emotional and pragmatic judgement. People are generally willing to pay more for a branded product than they are for something which is largely unbranded. And a brand can be extended through a whole range of offers too.

Engaging With Your Customers by Storytelling
Our promotional activities and strategies are part and parcel of creating  a differentiation is engaging with your customers or users.  An established technique in branding a business is to tell its story through communication elements such as corporate identity, packaging, stationery, marketing materials and so on. This can be quite low key, but it paints a picture of the provenance of the company and its products.  A coffee table book of each expedition will be published detailing the beautiful destinations that were visited, the crew, the vehicles, the participants and detailed route maps for overland enthusiasts who wish to revisit the routes in the future. Each participant will get a copy of the beautifully illustrated coffee table book to keep for memories and more importantly, this book will be distributed worldwide to promote overland tourism for the island of Borneo.


The Borneo 4WD & Outdoor Show – Borneo’s Peremier Outdoor Show is designed as a one-stop event for outdoor enthusiasts to find all the products, information, advice and entertainment they need to get equipped for their next offroad adventure. Exhibits cover new release vehicles, 4WD accessories, 4WD clubs, mountain biking, water sports , fishing and boating, camping accessories, electronics, tourism and destinations, and lifestyle products. With more than 30,000 visitors over the weekend, this is the perfect avenue to connect with your target markets by partnering with us to make this event bigger and better every year!

Connecting With Your Target Market
Creating a presence by connection with your target market is important for all organisations and a brand can embody attributes which consumers will feel drawn to. Our promotion activities will ensures that you connect with your target market.


  • Official Vehicles
  • Official Fuel & Lubricants
  • Official Travel Gears
  • Official Media Partners
  • Official Attires
  • Official Tires
  • Official Mobile Network
  • Official Imaging Partners
  • Official Timepiece
  • Official Navigation Gears
  • Official Eye Wear
  • Official 4WD Accessories
  • Official Insurance
  • Official Fincancial / Insurance
  • Official Airline
  • Official Transport Partners

If you believe your company could join us on a branding partnership to achieve the event’s goals, please do contact us and we will be glad to discuss your interest.



Journalists – By working with members of the broadcasting, magazines and press media, we are very keen to work with journalist from these medias to joint our event to experience and write about The Borneo Expedition to ensure that we have a strong follow through of articles during and after the event. Officially invited journalist to cover our event will be fully covered by Sponsors. Journalist who believes they could contribute to The Borneo Expedition in the respective market segment is most welcomed to make an application and proposal to us for consideration. Media segments that we are especially keen to work with are 4WDs, Autos, Outdoor & Adventure Sports, Travel & Tourism and Lifestyle Magazines. Please read our Media Registration terms & conditions.

Broadcasting TV Channels – We are keen to work with Broadcasting TV Channels to cover our event. We believe our event which covers the exotic island of Borneo is full of valuable content that can be presented or delivered to the public from many different angles to generate Broadcast revenues for TV Channels.

Magazines – We are also keen to work with local and international magazines to further promote the event. We plan to have adverts and articles to generate interest towards the event. Magazines that we are working with are Borneo Tuner, S4M, 4X4 Magazine, Travelution, Borneo 360 and Tourism Magazines.

Press – We will be making bi-weekly press releases in the local news papers of the show and event highlights of who’s who and what’s what. We have also planned to work with Daily Express, Borneo Post and Sabah Times for articles, press releases and Press Ads.

Photographers – We have a strong team of event photographers who will be able to supply the members of the media with official photographs. We placed our official photographers to cover most of the section of the convoy from the scout to the sweepers. This will ensure that journalist has full coverage and professional quality images of the event and are not pressed to capture images themselves. This is also useful for journalist that could only follow on a section of the event.